Dunnet Bay Distillers Ltd

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Dunnet Bay Distillers Ltd

We are Dunnet Bay Distillers. Unsurprisingly, we are located in the spectacular bay of Dunnet, where the freshest of air and the finest of water are in abundance. Our goal is to create spirits which reflect the Caithness way. We hand distil slowly, thoughtfully and passionately to create our exceptional product. We sustainably forage our Caithness countryside to hand select the very best, including the rose in the rocks, sea buckthorn, hawthorn and rowan berries. These are carefully prepared with our traditional botanicals before Elizabeth, our traditional copper pot still, works her magic; the vapours pass over her basket where our botanicals will impart their wonderful flavours creating the delicious taste of our spirits. Martin will cast his watchful eye over the whole process, using only the heart of the distillation and discarding the heads and tails, to perfect the finest taste for our spirits. We carefully hand fill and wax seal every bottle, before it is numbered and signed at the distillery. Great care is taken throughout the whole process to ensure only the very best will leave our wee distillery in Dunnet!

Dunnet Bay Distillers Ltd
Dunnet Bay Distillers Ltd
Dunnet Bay Distillers Ltd

Contact Details

Dunnet Bay Distillery,



Caithness KW14 8XD

(between Thurso and the Castle of Mey)


Tel: +44 (0)1847 851 287


Visit:  www.rockrosegin.co.uk